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As dust settles on the SR 3 construction project, Belfair residents and businesses appreciate the improvements that project brings to the area. A proper street edge with sidewalks and crosswalks, a signal, and turn lanes make it easier and safer to get around during busy times of day, easing congestion for locals and pass-through traffic alike. Changes in access make it easier to get into and out of most businesses while making Belfair a bit more distinctive destination on SR 3. Less visible but important improvements to stormwater runoff support the community’s ethos as the Gateway to Hood Canal.

The SR 3 project was the result of a plan developed by the Belfair community in 2003. The Belfair Urban Growth Area Plan describes the kind of place Belfair envisions for itself as it evolves over the next several decades. Making the transportation system work better was central to that plan.

Improving SR 3 was one of two big projects identified in that plan; building the Belfair Bypass/SR3 Freight Corridor was the other. Stage 1 of the SR 3 improvement project is wrapping up, and the Belfair Bypass/SR3 Freight Corridor project is funded and will get underway in summer of 2019. As a result, this is has been a good time to revisit Belfair’s transportation system needs, taking stock of changes the SR 3 project has made and refining the transportation strategy to guide investments over the next 15-20 years.

Mason County’s Belfair Mobility Plan has provided the community with an updated list of transportation system investments and policies that make it easier and safer to get around in Belfair – whether driving, walking, biking, or by transit. The plan identifies the next round of transportation strategies that aim to assist Belfair in its goals of increased livability and economic resilience.

This website serves as a project portal to help keep you informed and engaged throughout the planning process.

Visit the Belfair Mobility Plan page to download!